Kayla is The First Transgender to be featured in the Philadelphia Daily News Sexy Singles Edition of 2015 Kayla Vasilakos Makes history and notable in Philadelphia. As The First Transgender to be featured in the Philadelphia Daily News Sexy Singles Edition of 2015. The edition by columnist Jenice Armstrong features Sexy Hot Singles of the Philadelphia area from professional, sports figures and local media. This year had a unique feature. With all the social and recent ground breaking of Transgender people and awareness.And recently in center after Bruce Jenner now known and identifies being accepted by the name of Caitlin Jenner.

The Sexy Singles Edition decided to feature Kayla Vasilakos who herself is a Transgender Woman since transitioning in 2006.Kayla once known as Michael lived a gender cofusing life. And did every masculine activity and behavioral trait possible to hide her real truth.From braun to beauty.Kayla has been embracing her established life daily as Kayla. Enjoying her freedom and making many accomplishments on her journey.

These days Kayla since 2006 Has been credited as radio personality. Regular to a on air radio show The Kidd Chris Show at the time on air in Philadelphia on former 94 WYSP. Now on the air in Cincinnati  on 102.7 WEBN-FM for over 9 years.

(Images by Philadelphia Daily News)

On December 7th 2015 Kayla appeared on The Howard Stern Show as part of a Celebrity Boxing event that she would take on Stern Show’s Wackpacker The Tan Mom and Kayla stole the show during her appearance segment and The Tan Mom had nothing to say or come back at Kayla with only to say she had nothing to say because Kayla dominated her.

In December Kayla decided to make her way back to the Stand Up Comedy Stage she plans to make that happen by spring of 2016 and with a few other things in mind that she will be blogging about her intentions and progress including sharing everything in her daily life good or bad with her fans and visitors to this website


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